Ebooks: available platforms

Blanquerna Library gives you access to a large number of ebooks from diferents publishers. 

Many ebooks can be located throught library catalog, but others should be consulted by accessing their platform directly.

·    Ebooks you can consult throught library catalog correspond to the platforms: EBSCOHOST, GRAÓ E-PREMIUM, PANAMERICANA, PROQUEST, INGEBOOK. To search an ebook  in the catalog you must search by title or by subject and limit the results to  "Llibre en línia". For more information see this vídeo.   

·    Ebooks that are not in the catalog you have to search directly on their platforms. Each platform has its own search tools: E-LIBRO, ACCESS PHARMACY.

Remember that to access all this content you must be  previously identified throught  My accouny.

The platforms you have are: